When it comes to cleaning our homes, we always want to ensure we remove every form of dirt, germ, and bacteria. This makes us go for the most effective and strong cleaning products available. But do you know while seeking that cleanliness level in your home, you are also putting yourself at risk?

Inhaling fumes and chemicals from these cleaning products can hurt your lungs and lead to a decline in their function. These cleaning products can also cause irritation to the eyes or throat, and also cause headaches.

Recent research, conducted for more than 6,000 respondents for more than 20 years found out that women who use spray cleaning products every week showed a decline in their lung function. Women who worked as cleaners and got exposed to the cleaning products daily saw the highest rate of decline in their lung function.

The report indicated this does not mean it is always harmful to clean your home. But the effects are most felt if you use industrial-strength cleaning products every day.

How to reduce the effects of cleaning products

Reduce the number of chemicals

For average cleaning activities in your home, consider reducing the number of chemicals you use. You can also prefer wiping the surfaces with warm water and a piece of cloth rather than using chemicals. They just clean as well as the chemicals but with no side effects on your lungs.

Avoid mixing cleaning products

Always keep your cleaning products separate. Some cleaning products when mixed together, they can cause effects such as coughing and difficulty breathing when you inhale them. A good example is mixing ammonia and bleach. When you mix the two, they produce toxic fumes, that in addition to coughing and breathing difficulties, they will cause irritation on the throat and the nose.

Avoid dangerous products

Always be careful and conduct your research to find out which products have been reported to cause respiratory issues. Some air fresheners, fabric softeners, and oven cleaners are known to be harmful to your health. Avoid using such products, no matter how effective they could be.

Store your cleaning products in their original containers

Storing the products in their original containers and labeling them will help you avoid confusion between them. This way, also, you can easily read the warning labels and instructions before you use them.

Wash hands after using cleaners

Always wash your hands after using cleaners and storing them out of reach of children. It is also advisable to seek immediate medical care if you notice a reaction on your body caused by using the cleaners.

Let professionals handle your cleaning needs

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